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Our Team






Mr. A. U. Welaratne

Secretary of the Ministry,

Contact - (+94) 2234604 


Mr. W. A. Janahitha

Assistant Secretary of the Ministry,

Contact - (+94) 4946392 



Mrs. G. P. A. Thilini,

Assistant Secretary,

Contact - (+94) 091 4943077



Mrs. Navodya Disanayake,

Assistant Director (Planning),

Contact - (+94) 091 4943078/ 071 1831741








Ms. P. K. S. Lakmalee,


Contact - (+94) 091 4943088





Organization Structure




The Ministry of Agriculture, Agrarian Development, Irrigation, Water Supply and Drainage, Food Supply and Distribution, Trade and Cooperative Development was established as a result of decentralization of administration according to the 13th amendment to the constitution of Sri Lanka Democratic Socialist Republic. Under the statutory provision vested to the Provincial, to the human and physical resources are managed to ensure sustainable development in agriculture, livestock and irrigation sectors. 

The benefits are provided to the public under the three separate departments of Agriculture, Irrigation  and  Cooperative Development of the ministry. Hon. minister of the Ministry, the Secretary to the ministry and other whole staff work loyally, honesty and in a great dedication to achieve this vision and objectives of the ministry. 


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