Department of Agriculture

Department of Agriculture 

Southern provincial Agriculture Department was establish to implement the rules and regulations mentioned the 9th subject in the first list of the Ninth Schedule of 13th Amendment to the constitution. The resources and funds allocated to the Government and the Provencal Council for Agriculture sector are managed efficiently to ensure food security in Southern Province. This outcome will be reached through strategic planing, Coordination, monitoring, capacity building in while introducing new technologies and motivating farmers and enterprise.  

Department of Irrigation

Department of Irrigation

Southern Province Irrigation Department is the principal Governmental organization in provincial service for the regulation and control of inland water within the province. Having realized the great potential of the water resources development activities in the province.

There are 3 types of irrigation systems in Southern Province and great irrigation networks are maintained by the central government, minor irrigation networks are maintained by provincial irrigation department. 

provincial Department of Irrigation was established as a separate organization under the provincial Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, Agrarian Development, Animal Production & Development and Environmental Activities to provide maximum benefits to the public in well structured and coordinated manner. The department maintains the provincial irrigation networks efficiently and efficiently with the powers gained from the powers gained from the devolution of power. 

Under the department services are provided by a provincial director and 3 districts engineers. 

The main activity of the department is planning and implementing the irrigation projects except inter provincial irrigation projects for improving the capacity of agriculture and related rehabilitating, conserving and maintaining forest reserves, catchment areas,water,fountains are other activities of the department. Irrigation department provided a great support to achieve the vision and mission of Ministry by improving the optimum department of a agriculture sector. 


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